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Medical Center



Location: Regional centers of Ukraine


Customer: International Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian Reforms"



Project of a model center for medical diagnostics under the program of reforming medical care in Ukraine

Unified modern materials provide project versatility

and its economy

Charitable medical care for vulnerable populations

Ultra-modern medical equipment is located according to the technological scheme calculated down to the millimeter

The program of reforming medical care in Ukraine involves the construction of standard medical centers in all regional centers of Ukraine. The equipment of the centers meets the highest modern standards of medical diagnostics. As part of the standard center, there are MRI, CT, ultrasound, Rx, - diagnostics devices. On the third floor there is a hospital with two operating rooms.


The atrium is located in the center of the building.

with overhead light. There is also a garden here.

The coloring of colors in the interior has a positive effect on patients.



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