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Bereznyaki Market

The project of reconstruction of the market "Bereznyaki"

Kyiv, st. Serafimovich 4

Customer: TOV "BERKOM"

Market reconstruction

рынок березняки проект реконструкция

The project provides for the phased construction of covered shopping malls, equipping with modern trading equipment to create comfortable working conditions and stay in the market.

The market building consists of 6 pavilions with a maximum height of 10 m and a public space for seasonal fairs of weekend farm products.

The basis for the development of the project was the modern European trends in the development of market sites:
- Marketplace as a public space​​

- The principle of equal location of shopping malls

- The principle of flexible response to people's requests

- Flexibility of work schedule

рынок березняки проект реконструкция интерьер

Accessibility, transparency, good branding

Identity is always about spaces, and spaces are created by people

Flexible space that will respond to people's requests

Going to this market is an important social event, and this is the main secret of good trading

рынок березняки проект реконструкция

There are 11 entrance groups to the building of the covered market, evenly distributed along the perimeter of the building to ensure equal conditions

placement of shops.

рынок березняки прект реконструкция

The project provides for the preservation of existing green spaces, as well as additional landscaping

Total area 4670m2

Trading places:
- Stationary 360
- Fair 80

Maximum height 10.8m

Number of parking spaces - 70

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