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Loza hotel


Children's entertaining pavilion

"Chita's House"

"Feldman Ecopark" Kharkov

Customer: international charity foundation "Alexander Feldman's Fund"




Children's entertaining pavilion "Chita's House"

Despite the seeming negligence, pavilion represents a difficult multipurpose entertaining information complex.

Each room and functional zone are called according to the conceptual decision – to create imitation of the full-fledged dwelling of an official Feldman Ecopark symbol – the monkey Cheeta.






This construction won't leave indifferent neither children, nor adults.


Being inspired by idea of favourite children's entertainment - to climb trees and to construct secluded lodges in their branches, we created the project of children's entertaining pavilion "Monkey Cheeta's House". Designs of the building are fixed on trunks of trees and don't adjoin to the earth.



The building doesn't demand coordination because it is located between trunks of trees and has no base.

The sight of pavilion is an attraction "Mirror" developed by our studio

At the first level of pavilion there is a children's ice-cream bar


In the spacious hall of the first floor demonstration of children's educational movies is planned

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