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Autlet village




Arrangement: Limassol, Cyprus

Customer: private investor

Cottage settlement


Cottage settlement


The cottage settlement is located on a picturesque slope of the Mediterranean Sea.


At design of cottages 120-140m for Cyprus all constructive and planning norms and preferences were considered, in a consequence of that the project was successfully realized close Limassol.

The project is developed according to all features of regulatory base of Cyprus

The sea and picturesque landscape - that is necessary for fine rest

From all windows of cottages the view of the sea opens

The form and finishing materials of cottages are calculated for maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in rooms

The spacious drawing room is provided in each of cottages, it isn't less than three bedrooms, a laundry place. On the first floor there are a billiard room and other utility rooms.


Square houses do not exceed 140m2. This is due to the law of Cyprus, in which area of the house should not exceed 10% of the land area.


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