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The Postal Square, Kiev

Customer: Directorate of construction of transport facilities and communal enterprise "Kievavtodor." Gene. designer "Kievdormostproekt"



Poshtova Square

Equestrian sports school 



Embankment of the

Dnieper river near

the Poshtova Square in Kiev

The project of reconstruction includes part of Dnieper Embankment from the building of water-pressure station to the 4th mooring. First stage of construction (to the river station) was executed and put in operation in August, 2013. The project foresees the placement of benches, lamps, beds for plants and trees, bike paths and bike parking, as well as the original paving pattern (the combination of paving and granite tiles)


Under this site of the embankment pass engineering networks of city value. Landing of green plantings on an open ground is impossible. Gardening is placed in demountable coils

The main idea of the organization of improvement - creation of comfortable modern public space with elements of authenticity and splendor –the paving is the stylized ornament of the Ukrainian embroidery, and in the evening the embankment is highlighted by lamps in a paving


Walking boats are moored to the embankment. After completion of works on improvement of the first site the number of vacationers and tourists considerably increased

The project provided cycle parkings and cycle paths

Further the organization of the full-fledged river mooring is planned

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