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Autlet village


Medical center



Project of the hotel complex

Truskavets, St. Roksolany 3

Customer: private investor Loza Y.P.

Loza hotel

Loza hotel 5* 

The hotel Rod complex located in the center of the resort of Truskavets consists of three cases. Opening of the 1st case which includes 23 numbers, restaurant on the 5th floor with panoramic windows, and balconies, the lobby bar and VIP number on a mansard floor is planned for 2016.





The building is executed in the Austrian style

The hotel is family property has its own coat of arms and can only be transferred by inheritance, that the notarized documents

On the top floor the restaurant is located  

with a panoramic view of the city

Decorative elements of facades are poured out from concrete for what timberings of an exclusive form were made

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