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 Kiev, Michurin St. 21

Customer: private investor Moiseyev E.V.



Housing estate

Housing estate 


Housing estate

class DELUX

 Michurin St. Kiev 

The housing estate of the class DELUX is located in the center of Kiev on a slope of the Vydubetsky mountain.

From all apartments the panoramic view opens

on the city, the building has a full complex of the serving and recreational enterprises (a laundry, beauty shop, the pool, gym and so forth)

The building is conditionally divided into two parts: inhabited in which 9 apartments with a panoramic view of the city are located, and socle where are SPA salon with the pool and a gym. Between socle and inhabited part there is an open parking on 16 cars.

Apartments with the panoramic

view of the city








SPA salon


Pool and gym


Storerooms of residents,

enterprises of service


On an inhabited floor three apartments with possibility of re-planning and association are located. The house is equipped with the elevator connecting inhabited floors with SPA a gym and the pool.



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