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Kiev, Bratislavskaya St. 52-b, Clothing market Troyeshchina 

Customer: private investor Ermakov N. A.

Outlet village 

Outlet village  

Bratislavskaya St. 52-b


Clothing market Troyeshchina is the historical center of the retail and wholesale trade in the Kiev city. Convenient transport accessibility and the nearby houses, were live more than a million people, provides a steady stream of buyers for clothing market.


The project is planned in the area of ​​0.6 hectares. Construction of two- or three-storied shopping pavilions, located on the ground floor sales area and on the second (or higher) can be organized warehouse, office or community accommodation for the staff.

Trade according to the European standard

Restaurants and cafeterias provide comfortable shopping

Convenient transport availability and existence of a parking on 80 cars

On the second floor there can be a warehouse, office, the hostel for the personnel or all above-mentioned together

Cottage the area 100-200m2 is the best place for office and a warehouse for the Internet - shop

In the center there is a pavilion for exhibitions

and conferences

The beginning of construction of a complex is planned for 2015. If you had a desire to get trade pavilion or to become the investor of the project - contact us.



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