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Outlet village


Customer: international charity foundation

"Ukrainian Reforms"



Center of the medical 


The project of the standard center of medical diagnostics for the program of reforming of medical care in Ukraine

The program of reforming of medical care in Ukraine assumes construction of the standard medical centers in all regional centers of Ukraine.

Equipment of the centers conforms to the highest modern standards of medical diagnostics. 

On the third floor the hospital with two operational is located.


The project considers norms and requirements of physically disabled people

The unified modern materials provide universality of the project and its profitability

Charitable medical care for the low-protected segments of the population

Modern medical equipment

Convenient parking on 40 cars, an entrance for the ambulance


In the center of the case the atrium is located,

right there the garden settled down.

Coloring of color in an interior positively influencing patients.

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